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August 23 2013


Short Touching Love Story

The day before yesterday listening to a song, is a friend, I feel good to hear, behind the original song has a very touching story. 
Is a very pretty girl had had a very happy life: she has a job I love and a decent job, there is a handsome 'thoughtful and very capable boyfriend, has a very good sister to be good ..... 
She had never thought to marry early but saw good sister is getting married she thought of his own, that is, such circumstances have been some changes, not her love and her body out of it; some conditions, to the last check I realized that she was suffering from an incurable disease, he was desperate, but she really loves her boyfriend loves her family, so she plans a person to bear all, only told the best sister, she quietly disappeared, she came to a completely strange city to start a new life, just as she is preparing to start a new life, when one of the big boys like her boyfriend appeared in her vision, she began to take the camera photographed the boy. 

Every time I see him she did not miss any opportunity to enjoy themselves and then spread to the blog, she put all the feelings are written in there, because she did not have relatives there, so blog became her work is more than the soul destination, which results boy or know, he went to her blog, they became good friends, he allowed her mind at any time when you can "Candid" He, he also tried to encourage her to be strong to face and happy, in the end he finally returned since been looking for her boyfriend and become emaciated side, has rediscovered himself, that his life was a shadow wrote a song for her. "..... ... 

You once said that feel they have been forgotten by the world, how do I willing to let you wander in despair, would like to become a white knight keep at your side, the pain in my chest try to resist, until you decide to be strong ...... . "She is really good happy ....... Although she changed disease ..............

May 13 2013


Love you poems

I really mean it
If I had a dream that could come true,
it would be the one with me and you.
The one where you stood right by my side
and we talked and talked until mornings tide.
You told me you loved me and that you cared,
but when I awoke you weren't there.
So I tried to find a way to your heart,
because cupid's arrow hit my heart.
Though for now we are just friends,
sometimes time makes relationships bend.
I can't promise you the world,
But I can try to give you a happy life.
I can't promise you I'll never yell,
But I can try to stay calm most of the time.
I can't promise you I'll never make mistakes,
But I can try the best I can.
I can't promise you that I'll catch you every time you fall,
But I can try to always be close by so I can help you back up.
I can't promise that our love will last forever like in storybooks,
But I can promise that no matter what,
I'll never forget the memories I made with you.
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